Who are we, and what do we stand for?

UPDATE February 28, 2019: City Prevails in West Coyote Hills Litigation

Yesterday the California Supreme Court denied the petition for review filed on January 15, 2019 by Friends of Coyote Hills regarding West Coyote Hills development approvals, according to a press release issued by the City.

As a result of the Supreme Court’s decision to not review the case of Friends of Coyote Hills vs City of Fullerton (Pacific Coast Homes), the September 2017 ruling of the California Court of Appeal will stand, allowing limited development to proceed in the area of West Coyote Hills.

Read the City’s press release here, and the story published by the Orange County Register here.


Open Coyote Hills was pleased to join several other parties in negotiating “A Path Forward Plan” for West Coyote Hills, located entirely within the Fullerton city boundaries. Other stakeholders who participated were Friends of Coyote Hills, Trust for Public Lands, Pacific Coast Homes and, of course, the City of Fullerton.

The outcome of these negotiations was an April 2014 unanimous vote by the Fullerton City Council – something that doesn’t often happen on difficult issues – to adopt the “Path Forward” Plan.

This plan for the West Coyote Hills property dedicates 370 acres for open space, allows for acquisition of additional property for open space, sets forth numerous other public benefits and permits the private property owner to move forward with a limited and responsible development plan.

The “Path Forward” plan is the product of dozens of public meetings, environmental studies and assessments, and public input. Open Coyote Hills is proud to have participated in every step along the way.

Since the adoption of the agreement, land adjacent to the Robert E. Ward Nature Preserve, known as “Neighborhood Two” has been acquired by the City of Fullerton.

As we move forward, we are excited about the fences surrounding West Coyote Hills coming down and the open space and recreational opportunities within it becoming available for all to enjoy.

For more details on the city’s website, please click here.


We are a broad-based group of Fullerton residents who support the opening of the long fenced-in West Coyote Hills.  We are long-time active citizens who come from a variety of backgrounds, interests and political persuasions, who support the sensible and sustainable plan for West Coyote Hills.

Open Coyotes Hills has continued to be engaged in dialogue with the other interested parties (Friends of Coyote Hills, City of Fullerton and Chevron-Pacific Coast Homes) to find a win-win solution for our community regarding the West Coyote Hills project. Since 2013, the ongoing discussions continue to move this project toward a positive resolution that will be mutually beneficial for the community and landowner.

A key objective of this process is to secure the maximum amount of open space and ensure that it is accessible to the public in a timely manner. The goal is to accomplish this in a fiscally responsible way and to respect the property owner’s rights. We are optimistic that while there are still technical details being worked out between the parties that in the coming months the City will schedule an information session to update our community prior to a Planning Commission meeting.

A key component of bringing this to resolution is that we continue our history of working together as a community to secure the best possible resolution which all of us will be able to enjoy.

Our intent is to educate the larger community with fact-based information from documented sources.  We believe this has the potential to bring our community together.

We hope you will join with us in this effort and add your name to our list of Supporters.

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