Who are we, and what do we stand for?

[Click here to read Open Coyote Hills’ position on the next steps the City should take as a result of the Measure W vote.]

We are a broad-based group of Fullerton residents who support the opening of the long fenced-in West Coyote Hills.  We are long-time active citizens who come from a variety of backgrounds, interests and political persuasions, who support the sensible and sustainable plan for West Coyote Hills proposed by Pacific Coast Homes. This plan:

•    Provides a balance between public interest and private property rights;
•    Preserves and restores 283 acres of new public open space;
•    Restores an additional 72 acre City-owned nature preserve, including the development of an interpretive center, introducing visitors to this coastal sage scrub wilderness as a living outdoor laboratory, building a life-long sense of stewardship;
•    Preserves and restores 5 vista parks offering views from Fullerton’s highest points;
•    Provides 10 miles of new trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding;
•    Provides the City with an endowment to fund the long-term cost of maintaining this open space and its amenities, so this cost does not fall on taxpayers;
•    Includes a well-planned, uniquely designed development that complements the protected habitat.

Our intent is to educate the larger community with fact-based information from documented sources.  We believe this has the potential to bring our community together.

We hope you will join with us in this effort and add your name to our list of Supporters.

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