About Us

OPEN Coyote Hills is comprised of long-time active citizens who come from a variety of backgrounds, interests and political persuasions.  In fact, we don’t agree on most things – but we do agree that West Coyote Hills should be opened so that it can be enjoyed by all Fullerton residents.

Let us introduce our Steering Committee:

Molly McClanahan – former Mayor of Fullerton
Bob Hayden – equestrian rider; Fullerton business owner
Jack Dean – president of the Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers
Debra Pember – home building executive
Chris Heusser – former Parks and Recreation Commissioner; CSUF professor
Rick Crane – Fullerton Positive; Fullerton business owner
Tom Dalton – retired business manager
Katie Dalton – former Parks and Recreation Commissioner

To see our growing, broad-based list of supporters from throughout Fullerton, click here.