A Special Message from Former Fullerton Mayor Bob Ward

Following is a special message from Bob Ward. He served on the Fullerton City Council from 1972-78, including two terms as Mayor. Because of his work negotiating the original development agreement with Chevron, the nature preserve was named in his honor. Bob died November¬† 24, 2013 — five days before his 90th birthday.

It has been my dream for over 45 years to preserve open space in Fullerton. ¬†A progressive master plan with a greenbelt concept for the West Coyote Hills has been developed for all of our Fullerton residents and the greater community to enjoy. There will be these amazing vista views of Southern California’s most beautiful sunsets, the downtown Los Angeles skyline, the Pacific Ocean, Mt. Baldy, Santiago Peak, and yes! Catalina Island on a clear day and even the Hollywood sign and more. Additional trails will open for biking, hiking and horseback riding enthusiasts.

I am honored that the nature preserve in the West Coyote Hills is in my name. And to have Fullerton citizens, especially the children, students, learning in a nature center in their own neighborhood is a precious gift.

There will be an endowment fund to provide long-term maintenance at no cost to the city. No additional taxes from Fullerton citizens. Your new neighbors will bring more dollars for business and to the financial need of the city’s budget.

Bring down the chain link fence that stops all of this from happening! Let everyone have access and enjoy all of what West Coyote Hills has to offer, making the city of Fullerton even greater. It is my hope that this longtime work will come to fruition in my lifetime.